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The facility, its’ infrastructure and equipment is able to process all cytogenic and molecular genetics research requiring conventional and up-to-date technologies. For cytogenetic works the cell and tissue culture laboratory is equipped with  “Applied Imaging” and “Metasystem” genetic imaging and work stations, 6 conventional and 3 quantitative PCR units, series analysers (ABI 3100 Genetic Analyser and Genome LabGeXP Genetic Analysis System), Genetic profiling system (Affymetrix GeneChip System 3000Dx), new generation DNA analysis instruments (IlluminaMyseqDx), nanoparticle based DNA and RNA detection systems (Nanostring) and an automatic DNA and RNA isolation instrument (MagnaPur LC).

HVAC System: Categorised area pressures, pressure differentials, air flow rates, heat and humidity are all monitored at predefined intervals by either automated systems or manually in accordance with applicable standards in this regard.

Electrical System: The facility, as a whole, is supported by power generators and uninterrupted power supply systems.

Equipment: All Acıbadem Labgen equipment is required to carry CE and/or TSE certification labels. The equipment is maintained and calibrated at regular intervals, and is duly reported. All manner of equipment used in maintaining hypoxic conditions during cell production has specifically been included.

Validation: All equipment to be installed is subject to validation; at Design (DQ) Installation (IQ) Performance (PQ) and Operation (OQ).

Cleaning and Sanitation: It is regularly maintained in accordance with applicable regulations and procedures in this regard. Routine daily cleaning, both of  the building and the equipment used is undertaken by personnel specially trained for this purpose and is duly recorded.

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure: Uses the network infrastructure being used by the Acıbadem Healthcare Group since 10 years. 
System automation, with an emphasis on confidentiality and security, was specifically established for Acıbadem Labgen’s labelling and software requirements. Additionally, products are labelled and coded to the internationally accepted and defined ISBT 128 system.