Service Concept




Organisational Structure

Acıbadem Labgen’s main organic structure is comprised of  Management, Administration, Quality and Business Development, Production, Quality Control, Banking, Systems Maintenance and Operations units. 

Personnel Qualifications, Training, Competency & Adequacy

Acıbadem Labgen is an institution which realises the production of cellular treatment products. It has adopted a policy of employing and provide further training as required, selecting from among the most qualified those candidates which will enable a higher degree of quality and efficiency in production.

Employees are accepted as members of the quality management system. Its’ principle is that all employees adopt an understanding of the precepts of total quality management. 

All training is conducted as per a prepared and comprehensive series of procedures and regulations.

Following orientation and beginners training, training programs are routinely carried out whereby personnel are given comprehensive instructions in matters pertaining to their field of work, product safety and quality. Upon completion of the training program they are evaluated as based on a final exam. In addition, training is supported by extra-curricular certificate courses, symposia and congresses.