Service Concept




Quality Management System

An organisational system was first established as is required by the quality management system. With arrangements in place to involve management with the quality management system, it has been integrated into Acıbadem Healthcare Group’s established quality management system and organisation.  Each phase of the quality management system is outlined; queing, listing and their interactions are recorded. 

Both nationally  and internationally sourced documents have been used in setting out the implementation of each predefined phase in order to ensure its’ continuity and efficiency. Continuity and efficacy of the quality system is internally auditted periodically; and is controlled by management review meetings and performance evaluations.

Quality Risk Management Policy

Acıbadem Labgen management implements a risk analysis policy. Findings resulting from a quality risk management survey are organised such that they may be used for corporate development means, the planning for training or towards precautionary measures in the areas of risk.